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As one would expect, information such as this can be quite flexible depending on local events, roadworks, council inclinations, local festivals, sporting events, etc. Therefore we provide this information simply as a "rough guide" and would recommend you to double-check where possible. 

Whilst there is no parking available within the college grounds or the halls of residence, there are quite a number of options to park within a short walk of either of these. It is possible to drive right up to the front door of the college to unload/load your equipment and it is also possible to drive inside the halls of residence compound to unload/load your luggage.


There are pay-and-display car parks opposite and either side of the college. A new ticket is required each day from 08:00am, but this can be bought the evening before, which allows you to leave the car overnight. This is probably the easiest, cheapest and most convenient option.


There are a number of other pay-and-display car parks within a short walk of the college. Most of these have daily charges.  

There are also a number of NCP car parks within a short walk of the college. Some of these have weekly long-stay ticket options but the charges can be very high.   


There is some off-street parking with no restrictions on side roads north of the student accommodation. This may be as much as a couple of miles from the college, so probably only an option if you are happy to leave the car there all week. 

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