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How To Learn Solos Masterclass
with Geoff Simkins

1hr video lesson includes PDF downloads

Sign up now with a one-off payment of £20 and get immediate access to the video lesson. You can watch, pause, rewind and rewatch it as often as you like, allowing you to learn at your own pace. 

Suitable for intermediate players on any instrument

Geoff Simkins is one of the UK's most highly respected jazz educators. A visiting professor at many of the finest conservatoires and a leading figure on the modern jazz scene for several decades, he offers amazing insight and highly practical solutions for all instrumentalists, not just saxophone players. 

This 1hr class looks at the transcription of Lee Konitz's solo on Billies Bounce, from his 1957 recording "Very Cool". Geoff will use this great solo as a vehicle to demonstrate how you can learn so much from transcriptions and incorporate the language and ingredients of the music into your own playing. Of course, all of these skills can then be applied to any other transcription, for any instrument. 

Topics covered in this masterclass include... 
• internalising phrases by listening, singing, then playing
• listening carefully to the use of dynamics, articulation and space
• using the rhythmic language of the masters 
• taking time to fully assimilate the phrasing of the music, not just sight reading a transcription from notation. 
• find the phrases you like and work on those. You don't have to memorise the whole transcription in one sitting! 

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