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The Geoff Simkins Bundle
featuring over 8hrs of video lessons

including all class downloads and handouts

Sign up now with a one-off payment of £80 and get immediate access to the entire bundle of all eight video lessons (over 8hrs) plus all of the class downloads. You can watch, pause, rewind and rewatch any of them as often as you like, allowing you to learn at your own pace. .  

Suitable for intermediate players on any instrument
Geoff Simkins is one of the UK's most highly respected jazz educators. A visiting professor at many of the finest conservatoires and a leading figure on the modern jazz scene for several decades, he offers amazing insight and highly practical solutions for all instrumentalists,
not just saxophone players. This bundle offers years of study and practice material. 


Video Bundle Contents

Video 1  - Saxophone Masterclass

Originally recorded for the 2020 Online UK Jazz Summer School. This class includes... 

  • Warm-up exercises for mouthpiece, mouthpiece and neck.

  • Tone imagination and use of octave key.

  • Ideas for ear training.

  • The concept of “slow improvising”.

  • Visualisation and practice away from the instrument.

Video 2 - Listen, Sing & Play

Originally recorded for the 2020 Online Saxophone Day.

The idea of the class is to internalise or absorb phrases/solos by the great masters rather than learn them by rote. This class focusses on a transcription of the great Lester Young recording of "Almost Like Being In Love" from 1956. 

Video 3 - Practicing With And Without The Instrument

Originally recorded for the 2021 Online UK Jazz Summer School. 

The fundamental questions for improvisors “Where am I?” and “Where am I going” can be addressed in practice both with and without an instrument and often it’s better to start away from the instrument to understand the basic concepts. These exercises should help players of all levels of experience. 

Video 4 - Rhythmic Language, Phrasing & Licks

Originally recorded for the 2020 Online UK Jazz Summer School.

In this class we’re going to take some rhythmic phrases from a variety of jazz standards. We’ll first internalise these phrases by clapping and singing them, then with our instruments begin to add

melody, dynamic variation and articulation which will help to give our solos compositional shape and structure. Towards the end of the class we’ll be using a “Blues in F “chord sequence from the Ireal Pro as a backing track to try out some of these phrases in a practical setting. This class is suitable for all instruments, voices and I hope that it will benefit improvisers of all levels of experience.

Video 5 - How To Learn Solos

Originally recorded for the 2022 Online Masterclass.

Topics covered in this masterclass include... 

  • Internalising phrases by listening, singing, then playing

  • Listening carefully to the use of dynamics, articulation and space

  • Using the rhythmic language of the masters 

  • Taking time to fully assimilate the phrasing of the music, not just sight reading a transcription from notation. 

  • Find the phrases you like and work on those. You don't have to memorise the whole transcription in one sitting! 

Video 6 - Learning Repertoire (Solar)

Originally recorded for the 2021 Online UK Jazz Summer School. 

This tune has a 12-bar form and contains much interesting melodic and harmonic information in such a short form. Geoff offers an insightful method to learning this classic tune, which of course can be applied to learning any repertoire. 

Video 7 - Listening Session - Lennie Tristano

Originally recorded for the 2020 Online UK Jazz Summer School.

Geoff gives an interesting seminar on the music and teachings of the great Lennie Tristano. A long time devotee of his particular approach to playing and studying music, Geoff brings to life the essence of Tristano's philosophies. 

Video 8 - Listening Session - Lester Young

Originally recorded for the 2021 Online UK Jazz Summer School.

Geoff gives an insightful and thought-provoking seminar on the great saxophonist Lester Young. Analysing some of his finest recordings and explaining what makes him such a great artist. 


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