The Online UK Jazz Course

Tues 4 - Thur 6 August


Unfortunately, we had to cancel our summer school this year for the first time since 1966. But we couldn't bear to leave it a whole year without seeing evryone again! So we have organised an alternative 3-day online jazz course. 


Run by the same, Parliamentary award-nominated, organisation and featuring the same amazing line up of world-class tutors, we think The Online UK Jazz Course is going to be the best on the internet. 


We have worked very hard to come up with a well-balanced timetable offering a mixture of playing, listening and watching activities. To avoid "screen fatigue" there are plenty of breaks in between sessions and some classes are designed so you can fully partake in "listen-only" mode. 


We have partnered with Zoom to enable their top-of-the-range "business" suite of facilities, as used by major international corporations. This includes full tech support and our own zoom "eco-system" with all its additional benefits. Once you are registered in our zoom account you can freely move between live sessions and have access to video recordings of all 27 masterclasses and all 15 "options" workshops, to catch up afterwards. 



For more information, a daily schedule, price, FAQs, or to sign up please click the red button. 



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Tel: 0845 676 9235


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