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Do you come up with riffs or bits of melody that you struggle to turn into a complete piece of music? Then this workshop is for you!

Julian will invite inputs from the attendees in making a completely fresh composition from scratch! 

Scoring as content is made, and uploading content to the feed, you will be able to follow as a rhythmic idea is developed into a rhythmic context and bass line, melody and comping figures. A harmonic structure will build the idea into a complete piece of music.

Julian has performed this miracle in many situations, including secondary school classrooms, education conferences and prestigious music colleges. He sees it as 'creative problem-solving', and credits John Stevens' classic 'Search & Reflect', as well as colleagues including Eddie Parker for developing the processes involved.

Bring your instrument for reference and opportunities to play, and chip in when asked, or just soak up the activity and results from the safety of your own home!

For more information about Julian please visit

Your payment includes one month of access to the video recording of the class!

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