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Can I pay for individual sessions separately? 

Sorry, but this is not a viable option for us. Your one inclusive fee of £120 includes all sessions for all 3 days. 



Does the price include VAT? 

We do not charge VAT. £120 is the full and final price.



What is to stop anyone from just sharing the zoom links and inviting their friends to join for free?

We are using the top tier Zoom "business" edition to host our course, which includes a sophisticated "back office" IT system. When you register an email address on our account it recognises you as a member and allows you open access to any of the scheduled sessions, while at the same time restricting access to any unauthorised users who are not members on our account. 



 It sounds complicated and I don't think I can manage the technology. 

We have dedicated IT support staff who have been exclusively hired for our online jazz course. They will be overseeing everything and available for any tech support issues for the whole 3 days. In addition, we are preparing training and orientation videos for you to watch in advance which cover everything that you will need to know to have a great experience on our course. 


Using the business version of Zoom will be no different at your end from using the regular version of Zoom, for which there are many youtube videos to help you. The complicated stuff is all at our end!



Are places limited by instrument

One of the great advantages of this online course over our regular summer school is that we are not limited by the number or size of the rooms at the conservatoire, or by the number of rhythm section players in each band. This means places are no longer limited by instrument. 



How do I sign up? 

Click the "sign up" button above and follow the registration and check out process. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been processed. 



How do I pay? 

Payment can be made by VISA in any currency.  We are sorry, but we are not able to accept cheques. 



Can I use my deposit from the summer school to pay for the online course?

If you paid a deposit for the 2020 summer school you can leave that on account for the 2021 summer school. Doing so will guarantee your place and mean you pay 2020 prices for the 2021 summer school. If you would prefer a refund of that deposit then please contact us. 


Unfortunately, it creates too much extra admin and accountancy work for us to transfer funds from the summer school across to the online course, which has a separate bank account with online visa payments. 




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